Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hello, I'm back!

Hello friends!

I've been away getting up my new website and business . I also finished an online business course that teaches women how to use the web to make money online.

Let me just's been mind boggling.

I've launched a personal coaching business which has been fun and interesting.

I'm always looking for if you need a big push to move yourself forward in your business or life, send me an e-mail!

I've missed writing for fun for creativity's sake...and just for me. That's part of why I'm back to Homegirl !

My website and business are up and, now I'm settling in on my vision. I feel like I took my eye off of the ball for me. I'm a writer, dammit.

So this is the first thing I've written just for me. Sure, it sucks...but I'm glad I did it!