Monday, December 17, 2012

Scandal FanGirl Meltdown

I really don't deliberately what a lot of TV. Most of  the time it just happens by accident. During the day, I don't watch because it is the only silence I get to write. But lately something's changed/ It ain't hard to define/ Jesse's got himself a girl/ and  wanna make her, that's not it.

What had happened was a show called SCANDAL. I'm obsessed with the show. It really sucks that the most important relationships I have outside of DaddyFixIt and the McBrothas is with a TV show...and people on Twitter who like the TV show.

Scandal is beautifully shot show, amazingly written, the performances are EMMY-WORTHY, take that you Jerry Lewis Loving FREAKS at the GOLDEN GLOBES who SNUBBED SCANDAL. I'm not obsessed.

I've spent the last couple of months really, really figuring out what I want...and what I want is to write about fluffy stuff, fun stuff, to add value to the world by being brave enough to say.... I'm a song and dance woman who can only kinda sing and kinda dance. MY value is in entertaining. PERIOD. Nothing else. I suck at everything else. I write to amuse myself. I do goofy videos to amuse myself, and hopefully a couple of others.

I love TV as a medium. I decided to do my own vlog on YouTube about TV and pop culture stuff, because, well, I am not wired up to be one of those folks who sells you 5 grand worth of marketing stuff. So let me entertain you...