Monday, December 17, 2012

Scandal FanGirl Meltdown

I really don't deliberately what a lot of TV. Most of  the time it just happens by accident. During the day, I don't watch because it is the only silence I get to write. But lately something's changed/ It ain't hard to define/ Jesse's got himself a girl/ and  wanna make her, that's not it.

What had happened was a show called SCANDAL. I'm obsessed with the show. It really sucks that the most important relationships I have outside of DaddyFixIt and the McBrothas is with a TV show...and people on Twitter who like the TV show.

Scandal is beautifully shot show, amazingly written, the performances are EMMY-WORTHY, take that you Jerry Lewis Loving FREAKS at the GOLDEN GLOBES who SNUBBED SCANDAL. I'm not obsessed.

I've spent the last couple of months really, really figuring out what I want...and what I want is to write about fluffy stuff, fun stuff, to add value to the world by being brave enough to say.... I'm a song and dance woman who can only kinda sing and kinda dance. MY value is in entertaining. PERIOD. Nothing else. I suck at everything else. I write to amuse myself. I do goofy videos to amuse myself, and hopefully a couple of others.

I love TV as a medium. I decided to do my own vlog on YouTube about TV and pop culture stuff, because, well, I am not wired up to be one of those folks who sells you 5 grand worth of marketing stuff. So let me entertain you...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Internet Marketing Adventures

I've been learning how to market myself on the's a daunting task. There are a million and one ways to do it and a million and two folks teaching you how to do it.

I've scaled down my services and I'm teaching women how to be confident using their voices for work and in life.

I'd love for you to check out my new and somewhat improved website

The writing is mostly biz and kinda life related, but soon, soon, soon, I'm getting my books up on Kindle. And my creative non-fiction itch will be scratched.

Thank you for reading!


P.S. What have you been up to?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hello, I'm back!

Hello friends!

I've been away getting up my new website and business . I also finished an online business course that teaches women how to use the web to make money online.

Let me just's been mind boggling.

I've launched a personal coaching business which has been fun and interesting.

I'm always looking for if you need a big push to move yourself forward in your business or life, send me an e-mail!

I've missed writing for fun for creativity's sake...and just for me. That's part of why I'm back to Homegirl !

My website and business are up and, now I'm settling in on my vision. I feel like I took my eye off of the ball for me. I'm a writer, dammit.

So this is the first thing I've written just for me. Sure, it sucks...but I'm glad I did it!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Changes. Changes. Changes.

They say the only thing constant in life is change. They are right.

I won a scholarship to  Marie Forleo's online business school! I am sooooo excited. B-School is a great opportunity to meet other women who own their own businesses, and most importantly, an opportunity for me to learn how to successfully leverage my talents as a speaker into a lucrative online business. I'm adding personal coaching to my business, so I am hoping to turn all of this into online lessons that people actually pay money to learn.

Marie has made millions online and with her live events, and I want to learn how to make money + help other women, especially those who have struggled with unemployment, underemployment....and the crushing self-esteem issues that come along with it.

I think I am now in the path of the right people. Just praying that God sustains us for a couple of months.
I will still blog about life and "stuff" here, but I will be focused like crazy on building up a business that actually sustains and supports our family.

Send good thoughts my way, as I continue to send love and light to you.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Arm In Arm (Mother's Day)

There is nothing more beautiful for a mother than when the kids get along and silence befalls a home. Tonight the boys fell asleep arm in arm. Two sets of ridiculously long eyelashes brushed Cassiopeia. Two taupe arms embraced the genetic best friend. Two little boys, who normally bite the crap out of each other,  bared sleepy smiles instead of tiger-like fangs.

I watched in awe as closed eyes darted back and forth, as if reading the credits of a movie. They slept. Together. Arm in arm. These boys. These brothers. They destroy my home during the day. They destroy me by night with the illumination of love. I did nothing to earn this feeling. Yet, I gobble it up like a baker's daughter. I allow the sweetness to permeate my once-cynical soul. I was told I couldn't have any more children. Yet here they are.

And, I felt like Holly Hunter in Raising Arizona. 

I want to say to my husband, "Bring me a toddler, DaddyFixIt. Bring me a toddler."

Raising Arizona would probably never be made today. We are a culture that takes kidnapping,  in the most literal form, very seriously.  But, the movie is the best visual chronicle of what being a mother is supposed to be. Love. Longing. The desire to be loved and to love without condition or description. It is what it is.

Tonight, my accent, my horrid, southern accent finally served me well, as I cut off the light in their room, and attempted to imitate the sublime Holly Hunter aloud. I tried to push back the tears, and said, "I love them soooooo much."

They will be out of school in a few days. I won't be loving their taupe asses then...

Happy Mother's Day, friends. Savor the good when they are passed out slam asleep.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Demi's New Twitter Handle

I totally gave Demi her new Twitter handle. Wonder if I'll get credit... or chocolate???