Sunday, May 27, 2012

Changes. Changes. Changes.

They say the only thing constant in life is change. They are right.

I won a scholarship to  Marie Forleo's online business school! I am sooooo excited. B-School is a great opportunity to meet other women who own their own businesses, and most importantly, an opportunity for me to learn how to successfully leverage my talents as a speaker into a lucrative online business. I'm adding personal coaching to my business, so I am hoping to turn all of this into online lessons that people actually pay money to learn.

Marie has made millions online and with her live events, and I want to learn how to make money + help other women, especially those who have struggled with unemployment, underemployment....and the crushing self-esteem issues that come along with it.

I think I am now in the path of the right people. Just praying that God sustains us for a couple of months.
I will still blog about life and "stuff" here, but I will be focused like crazy on building up a business that actually sustains and supports our family.

Send good thoughts my way, as I continue to send love and light to you.


  1. Wow... Congratulations, Tangela!
    I feel sure you are one person who will leverage what you learn for the benefit of all.

  2. Hi Tangela!

    Congrats on winning the B School scholaship! I entered the contest as well and was SOOO stoked to hear that a fellow Owasso-an won! (That's right I live in Owasso, OK too! Isn't that crazy!) Anyway, I am so happy for you and love what you are doing! I would love to connect with you further, I figure if two inspired coaches/speakers are randomly in the same 15 mile radius of each other... in OK, then that's gotta mean something! :) Enjoy your 4th of July!

    Katie Hoffman