Saturday, October 22, 2011

Toddler or Swiffer: Dusting Blinds

Dusting.Blinds.Sucks. But you have to do it. The best way is start at the top and work your way down. Use a dry microfiber cloth. I do not, repeat, DO NOT suggest you wet the blind unless they are all nasty. I'm talking GAGAZOLA. Spraying them with some wet cleaning solution will just make extra work if your blinds are just plain if you have been frying more chicken than the Colonel, then you may have to whip out an all purpose cleaner or degreaser...I PITY THA FOOL! You can also use the following to dry dust your blinds: Your Toddler ----because they will think it's fun!!! to inhale 3 year old dust mites...think of it as family game time, and as a bonus you may get a nap after you chug a little antihistamine to stop the sneezing, just be sure to lock all doors to keep the kid from wandering off while you snooze. Feather Duster---because you're old school. Swiffer Duster-- because you are new school. Used Fabric Softer Sheet---because you're broke/cheap/frugal/broke...or if you are a rich show off, use a new off! The holidays are coming up, and you don't want you brother's nosy wife to be rubbing all up on your blinds calling you a Flilthy Fool. Ok, that wouldn't bother me one iota, but if it bothers you that much, just go buy new blinds. Happy Scrubbing!

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