Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Where There Are Two Or More Gathered...I'll put on a show

I love to speak and perform! As things evolve and I grow more comfortable with the new, improved me, I'm finding that I get far more satisfaction out of giving funny and inspiring speeches. It blends everything I do well: comedy, happiness, teaching, PR, and horrible keyboarding skills into one TANGE-TASTIC experience. I'll never give up doing stand-up...heck, I just walked into this bookstore to browse and buy a coffee, next thing you know I pull a PA system out of my fanny pack, lock the doors, and customers are trapped at my show. I love to ambush the gun-toting people of Oklahoma with my jokes. Back in Montgomery I was a nobody, but here in Owasso they say my name with all due awe, y'all... They call me, "Did you see her hair?!?"


  1. U r one bold sistah girl but doing ur thing by any means necessary. :-)

  2. Tosh,
    You gotta bring the comedy...lol!