Monday, March 12, 2012

Burning Question

Over on Danielle LaPorte's fantastic blog she asks a burning question of her followers. Her site is filled with inspiration and power and business mojo!  I got mad web love for Lady D! Today's burning question is WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO STOP DOING?

Oh, Danielle, I really wish you'd stop reading my journal...

I would like to stop beating myself up about the past. I have made so many mistakes, missed so many opportunities, and allowed so many people who don't matter one damn to turn the powerful woman in me into a crying little ball of afro-puffed snot.

I wish I could go back and tell that little girl, "You are gonna be fine." I wish I could tell 30- year-old me to,
 " GO for friggin broke...and NEVER LOOK BACK!"  I wish I could tell my forty-year-old self that in three years my Mama, my rock, would be gone, and I should spend as much time getting up in her business and hugging her as possible, instead of fretting about something insignificant!

I would like to stop beating myself up about the past. It is dusty old box and it's too heavy to carry into my future. I need to unload it.  Yeah, I effed up royally, but God's grace is here for me right now.

The NOW is pretty darn cool!  I have three amazing kids! A husband who loves me. I am finally within reach of  my dreams! After taking the zig-zag path to following my call, I'm using my speaking superpowers to put a nail in the coffin of financial and emotional poverty that's robbed me of living a Big Ass Life! Did I mention I am using my experiences in poverty to speak at two Food Bank conferences in April!?!? Every experience is an opportunity!

Starting today, I am putting the nail  in the coffin of my past. It's done. I'm so over it, and I am so ready to be who God has called me to be. I am imperfect. I am a work in progress. I I AIN'T LOOKIN BACK!

So today, ask yourself WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO STOP DOING
Elevate a prayer... and let it GO! If it requires physical work, know that half the heavy lifting is done in the mind...


Thanks, Danielle your words are always on point, girl!!!!

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