Monday, March 19, 2012

What If...

The "what ifs" of life always have a way of grinding us down to a finely crushed version of who we really are.  What if you actually stopped asking "what if" and just do:

what comes naturally to you

what gives you peace

what makes you happy

what you always thought you could do

what "they" said you couldn't/shouldn't  (p.s. tell "they" to go to hell)

what makes you smile

what makes you cringe

what makes you strong

what makes you weak

what makes you proud

what makes you feel love

what makes you feel like Wonder Woman, Rosa Parks, and Cher all at the same TIME!!!


Last time I checked, you're gonna go into a casket/ urn/ Viking burial boat all by your damnself. Stop letting other people tell you WHAT you need to do with YOUR life. Stop waiting for someone else to give you permission to live your own life.That little voice that whispers to your soul is actually shouting: WTF do I gotta do to get you to pay attention?

What if you listen?

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