Monday, January 30, 2012

eTange : The Work Around Queen

I have been writing like a maniac. But nothing I'm writing fits on this blog. I'm publishing my own work on Kindle, and my plan is to launch my own digital publishing company in April.

New York publishers are not interested in people like me. So once again, I have to find a way around my problems. New York publishing houses say that stories about African-American women in the south can only be written by white women. You know, like The Help (no, I'm not a fan. I make no apologies, and I don't want any from you for liking it)... I have been told that no black woman could have ever written a book like that "with so much sensitivity" by someone at a fancy literary agency.... My response was "REDACTED. REDACTED. And another thing, REDACTED."

I know enough about publishing to be successful at publishing the stories I want to read. I worked all those years at River City ( did everything from writing contracts to selling paperback rights to selling movie options to making copies) and I've dabbled in PR at some level since leaving (all those articles about my comedy, that wasn't my agent---I am my agent---I did that all by myself).

Digital publishing has made the opportunity to publish more EQUAL. I'm looking forward to being a part of this brave new world! I feel no shame about not being published by New York. I feel no shame about being self-published. I am looking forward to selling my work and other writers...MAKING MONEY doing something I really love. I love writing, but I also love publishing.

It has taken all these years of "research" to see that I was supposed to be doing this all along. It all fits together. EVERYTHING: teaching, publishing, cleaning, even my failed small business, stand-up comedy and being a mama has taught me all I need to know.

I have never been afraid to work hard for what I want. Cleaning was probably the best prep for the business end of publishing. If I didn't clean, we didn't have power or gas or food.

I have never lost my love of books. I never lost my dream to be a "real" writer. I've never given up on me. I'm just done trying to play a game where the deck is stacked against me. It's taken a whole lot of death and a whole lot of broke-ass to slap me out of the bad dream and the waiting and waiting and waiting. Seriously, fancy ass New York publishing world, if you were a man; I would have dumped you for less a whole lot sooner.

I am looking forward to helping myself and soon, others who want an opportunity to tell their stories.

P.S. If you want to secretly submit a story or novel or essay collection ekhoffeditorial (AT) gmail (DOT)com.
Looking to help folks who are WOEFULLY under-represented by New York....
Looking for happy books, humor books, poems,  love stories, southern stories, chick lit, black chick lit...make it fun, folks!


  1. I've read a few stories (one in Washington Post, the other in NYTimes) about women who started self publishing themselves via the e-book format and some of them are runaway successes. One even has gotten a real book contract out of it. You go girl. Can't wait to read it.

    1. Thanks, Becky! I'm looking forward to just giving it a shot!!!! It beats waiting!